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Children from low-income households face significant barriers that often persist throughout their school years.

These disadvantages typically start before students enroll in school, and our programs are designed to address these inequities in a cohesive three-pronged approach:

1. Our Giving Back in New Ways Program provides vital materials to homeless families, including groceries, clothing and body care products.

2. Our Kick off to School Program supports public K-12 schools in our community in need by providing free basic supplies, such as pencils and notebooks, for students.

3. Kids Without Christmas Program provides holiday gifts for adolescents of families in need.

Kick off to School Program

For many children the start of a new year is filled with anxiety and academic challenges.  Each year, thousands of children return to school unprepared lacking the basic supplies they need to succeed.  Erica Rae’s Kids provides low income families the basic supplies to thrive academically.  Aurora Public School provides the resources in laying the foundation in which we work within, helping us identify the families that need the most help.

When a child is living in poverty it is not always easy to return to school knowing that they are lacking the right tools to start off a new school year.  This simple act is a game changer for so many children, the conditions and attitudes change in so many ways.  For example a child will look forward to going to school, showing off their new backpack filled with school supplies. Definitely a self esteem builder!  Values change in settle ways respecting others and their selves, attitudes will change hopefully making a child want to stay in school.  Our hopes are to help decrease the dropout rate, with an end result of more children succeeding in life.

  • Our Kick off to School program is designed to remove the economic barriers that impact the back to school experience for students that are in need.

Kids Without Christmas

Remember back on Christmas morning as a kid; think about the feeling of sitting up as long as you could to try to catch a glimpse of Santa.  The feeling of anticipation Christmas morning waiting for everyone to wake up so you could rip open your gifts and the smells of Christmas dinner.  If you think long enough you can almost smell it.

  For so many of our children they will never experience these simple joys that we have taken for granted over the years.  They will never have memories of Christmas dinner cooking nor see a present under the tree.  Christmas is such a magical time of year and we believe that dreams can come true.  

One of the biggest programs we have is “Kids without Christmas” this program gives children not only gifts but new clothes, shoes, winter jackets, filled stocking and groceries.  This program gives them the true meaning of the giving spirit during the Holidays.

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