Mission Statement

Building the Future by Helping Our Children”


Erica Rae’s Kids envisions children overcoming everyday challenges.
By giving them not only the essentials that are necessary in everyday life, but in helping build self-esteem
Inspiring minds and generating positive change in the lives of children so they can thrive.


A little history…

If you have wandered onto this website, it’s because somewhere along the way you have heard of
Erica Rae’s Kids and you’re wondering who these people are and what do they do.

If you happen to belong to the club of parents that have lost a child, you fully understand what I’m doing.
By the way, this club that I’m talking about I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  I think when you lose a
child and your heart becomes empty, it’s like the sock monster in the dryer sucked you in and refuses to let
you back out.   Yup, the sock monster ate me.  I remember rolling through the days and nights pulling a smile
straight out of nowhere pretending that I was just fine hoping that no one would notice that I was dying inside.
This is why so many of us turn into super heroes, create nonprofits and set out to save the world.  It becomes
the only way we know how to survive our loss without falling off the cliff that seems too close for comfort.

I got be one of the lucky ones (ha-ha) going through the ‘firsts’ pretty quickly because I had lost Erica right before all the
major Holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Thank goodness the sock monster had eaten me up and I don’t remember much.  

For me, my journey started the next year when my best friend was the head of a committee of a local charity
Christmas Program and asked me to help.  I did, and that year we helped 65 families and the next year right around 300.
At the end of the second year I took a very good look at the Christmas program and decided that it could be so much more.
So, on February 15, 2010 I took a leap of faith and
Erica Rae’s Kids was born.

Erica, my sweet baby girl was such a giving child, always ready to help anyone in need.
I just didn’t know how big her heart was until she was gone.  In realizing this,
it wasn’t hard to figure out what our Charity was going to be and who it was going to help.
Making the decision was even easier after looking at the statistics on childhood poverty.

Our Impact


Individuals Served

Our Program Serves

Children K-12



We are honored to be recognized as a 2015 TOP-RATED NONPROFIT by GreatNonprofits. Being on the Top-Rated list gives donors and volunteers more confidence that we are a credible organization. A very warm thank you to all our supporters who posted such a large number of online reviews on our behalf.